There are so many reasons to buy British! Not only are you supporting local economies, but UK clothing brands offer a range of designs for all occasions. Whether it’s a brand rooted in traditional British values such as Emma Willis or contemporary designs like HebTroCo, these businesses are constantly creating new and original styles.

In this article, Make it British introduces you to some of the top UK clothing brands that are actually made in Britain! They’ve got everything from stylish and contemporary tees to traditional tailoring—so whatever your style, there’s bound to be a brand that you love!

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing _ British clothing for men and women

British luxury clothing brand Wolf in Sheep’s clothing hand cuts and makes everything in their Suffolk factory. In addition to their popular long and short sleeve shirts, they also offer create-your-own chino, moleskin, and corduroy trousers as well as jeans for those who struggle to buy off the peg.

Shop the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing collection here


Maquien _ Women's jackets and clothing. UK Brand Clothing.

Maquien offers tailored jackets, coats, and skirts, all made in the UK with top-quality British cloth. You can choose from a range of colours to find the perfect piece for you!

Shop the Maquien collection here

Jennifer Anne

Jennifer Anne _ Women's British Clothing Brand

Passionate about providing the smaller woman with quality clothes tailored to her frame, Jennifer Anne has a wonderful collection of clothes all designed and made in the UK and perfectly proportioned to fit women of 5’3″ and under.

Shop the Jennifer Anne collection here

Teddy Edward

Teddy Edward _ British Clothing brand for men and women

Teddy Edward, the home of exclusive, British-made clothing with a contemporary twist. They design and produce their entire collection of luxury women’s and men’s clothing and accessories right here in the UK.

Shop the Teddy Edward collection here


HebTroCo _ Men's UK Clothing brand

From jeans, jackets, and shirts, to trousers, jumpers, and shorts, HebTroCo only makes their clothing right here in the UK. The brand has a lifetime guarantee on their products, so you know they’re built to last! Plus, they’ve been tried and tested by customers all over the world—so you can shop with confidence.

Shop the HebTroCo collection here

Waring Brooke

Waring Brooke | British Clothing Brand

British knitwear designer Samantha Brooke, founder of ‘Waring Brooke’ takes a multi-pronged approach to reducing fashion waste with a vision of the future firmly in mind. The brand offers luxurious knitwear for women and men, including accessories, that can be personalised with your initials for a truly unique gift.

Shop the Waring Brooke collection here

Emma Willis

Emma Willis _ British clothing brand

Emma Willis, English shirt maker in London, trained at the Slade School of Art before starting her business in 1990, designing and making men’s and women’s luxury shirts, all made in England.

Shop the Emma Willis collection here

The Cotton London

The Cotton London _ UK Brand Clothing for men

A quintessential British clothing brand providing luxury menswear in supima cotton. The Cotton London prides themselves on understated luxury, unmatched elegance and innovation in their product lines, which include premium printed t-shirts and made-to-order t-shirts.

Shop The Cotton London collection here

Paul James Knitwear

Paul James Knitwear _ British clothing for men and women

Since 1976 Paul James Knitwear has focused on the art of producing beautifully-handcrafted knitwear. They’re passionate about providing the best knitwear experience possible, so they only use 100% natural fibre yarns in their production. Man-made fibres are off-limits!

Shop the Paul James Knitwear collection here
*Not all clothing by Paul James Knitwear is made in the UK

Fortis Clothing

Fortis Clothing _ Men's and women's clothing made in Britain

Fortis Clothing makes quality endurance clothing with a purpose in mind, for all outdoor workers, adventurers, and enthusiasts.

Shop the Fortis Clothing collection here

&Sons Trading

&Sons _ UK-made clothing brand

The &SONS project is the perfect solution for anyone looking for unique, stylish workwear! This line of clothing has been designed by and for creative professionals in a variety of industries.

Shop the &Sons collection here*
*Not all clothing by &Sons is made in the UK

Touch of Tweed

Touch of Tweed _ British Clothing brand for men and women

Touch of Tweed is a British, luxurious country and coastal clothing brand focusing on taking inspiration from the great British countryside and coastal areas and combining it with sustainable fabrics and practices to change the way we view fashion.

Shop the Touch of Tweed Collection Here

Budd Shirts

Budd Shirts _ Menswear made in the UK

As well as offering a full ready-to-wear collection and made-to-measure shirt service, along with other gentlemen’s accessories and nightwear, Budd Shirts is also home to their own bespoke shirt making department.

Shop the Budd Shirts collection here*
*Not all of Budd Shirts collection is made in the UK

Mars Knitwear

Mars Knitwear _ UK clothing brand for men and women

Mars Knitwear is a Leicester-based British clothing brand that has been producing the finest quality knitwear since 1994. All of their products are designed, manufactured, and carefully inspected in-house by their team of experts.

Shop the Mars Knitwear collection here


Glenbrae _ UK knitwear brand

Glenbrae’s innovative knitwear seamlessly blends craft, machinery, and decades of heritage to create exceptional hand-finished garments of unrivalled style and quality.

Shop the Glenbrae collection here


Welligogs _ Womens clothing made in Britain

Award-winning-Welligogs is intensely focused on design, functionality, sustainability, and quality in their range of luxurious women’s clothing and footwear with a distinctly British edge.

Shop the Welligogs collection here*
*Not all of Welligogs collection is made in the UK

Harley of Scotland

Harley of Scotland _ UK Knitwear brand for men and women

Synonymous with high quality Scottish knitwear, Harley of Scotland is recognised worldwide for excellence. Harley of Scotland crafts the highest quality, natural yarns with unmatched attention to detail!

Shop the Harley of Scotland collection here


Sarvin | UK Clothing Brand

Persian influenced brand Sarvin, is ethically conscious womenswear born in Britain and loved internationally. We specialise in creating distinctive and high-quality garments handpicked from the finest fabrics and materials.

Shop the Sarvin collection here


Minycled | UK Clothing Brand

In-house, independent fashion label Minycled is committed to using sustainable materials. Named after minimalistism and recycling, the brand uses deadstock, pre-loved, and sustainably sourced fabrics from ethical sources for their clothing pieces for both men and women.

Shop the Minycled collection here

Carrier Company

Carrier Company | UK Clothing Brand

From smocks, raincapes and sleeveless jerkins to canvas bags, log carriers. The carrier company was formed in 1995. The creation of one woman, Tina Guillory. Her designs take the textures and inspirations of her world. Canvas sails of the dinghies in the creeks, weatherproof fishermans slops and oilskins, forged steel from country blacksmiths, plus the requirements of family and friends.

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